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Tent Cards

Tent cards are designed make a huge impact in small spaces. They’re to be thought of as miniature billboards to shout out promotions and special offers.

Printed Tent Cards

Expert advertisers know how to turn small spaces to their advantage which is where our versatile tent cards come in. The perfect solution for maximising marketing when space is scarce, these savvy table talkers are available with a wide range of finishing options.

Whilst they’re most often spotted in cafes and restaurants, they’re so versatile we think almost any industry could use them.

If you’re looking for a useful client gift, tent cards are a great option. Incorporate a calendar into the design or turn them into a reference for important contact details. They will happily sit on a desk, ready to provide information when needed and reminding them of your business. Try using tent cards at the point of sale to upsell aftercare services or announce an upcoming event.


Printed Tent Cards Specifications and Options

*Subject to availability


Stock:250gsm Uncoated
280gsm Silk Coated
450gsm Silk Coated

Print:Full Colour or Spot Colour
(Litho) on One or Both Sides

Size:65mm long edge
46mm short edge


Available:Lithographic or Digital


• Gloss Lamination
• Matt Lamination
• Unlaminated
• Rounded Corners
• Die Cut to Shape

* Required

Tent Card Design

We offer two types of Tent Card printing:

  • Type A is printed on two outer faces and has a centre score on the third face to allow for flat packing. These Tent Cards are supplied assembled.
  • Type B is printed on all three faces and has a peeloff adhesive strip for easy assembly at point of use.

These can be printed on both sides, allowing you to incorporate a spot of colour in the centre of the tent card.

Card stock

We print tent cards on a carefully selected silk coated stock as standard. Choose from the budget friendly 280gsm card or take things to a luxurious level with the thick 450gsm card. Either way, both will stand proud wherever you decide to place them.

Bespoke Sizes

Our standard tent cards have either ⅓ A4 or A5 sized faces but we are also able to provide bespoke sizes to suit your needs.

Whilst the standard rectangular faces can look sharp and modern, our die cutting service can transform these into almost limitless shapes. Perhaps a cocktail shaker for drinks menu tent cards or the latest model for a car dealership, they are bound to grab attention.


Our tent cards can be supplied either unlaminated, gloss laminated or matt laminated. When deciding whether to laminate, it’s best to think about how you’ll be using the tent cards. Whilst a calendar will sit pretty on a desk all year in just the unlaminated silk card, menus in cafes for instance will need some added protection. Lamination doesn’t make the tent cards entirely waterproof but they will have some protection from the odd splash.

As for choosing matt or gloss tent cards, that’s entirely down to brand image. Matt lamination can add an air of luxury to an understated design but gloss can bring bright colours to life.

Please note: If colour extends across the fold we strongly recommend lamination to minimise the risk of cracking on the fold.

Finishing Touches

If you’re looking to add more to your tent card to make it truly unique, we offer a range of finishing options, the main two being:

  • Spot gloss lamination to highlight special offers or make your logo shine against a matt background.
  • Digital embossing to add texture and raise areas.

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