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Printed Posters and Banners

Using our Roland and HP High Definition Printers, with the very latest Piezo-Electric Inkjet Technology, we are able to produce Big Images of exceptionally high definition at 720dpi, up to 2380mm wide.

Ink Selection

Dye Based Inks for Indoor Use:

Indoor use Big Image Posters are printed using Dye Based Inks. Dye Based inks produce extremely vibrant colours and are very economically priced. It should be noted that Dye Based Ink posters will fade if exposed to sunlight or any other UV light. Used away from such light their life is virtually unlimited.

Solvent Based Inks for Outdoor Use:

External use Big Image Posters are printed using Solvent Based Inks. Solvent Based Inks are guaranteed stable against UV light exposure for up to three years. In practice the durability may be expected to be in excess of this. Solvent Based Inks are completely waterproof and can be printed directly onto a number of non-porous stocks.


We offer a range of materials, some are suitable for either Dye or Solvent Based Inks and some are suitable for both.

The material range is:

180gm Photorealistic Matt, 195gm Photorealistic Gloss, 200gm Silk and 140gm Wet Strength Papers. Plus Back Lit Material and Banner Vinyl.


We offer several types of finishing for our Posters and Banners. The different types of finish available are described below and the costs can be found within the table for the relevant material on pages 87 and 88. We can also provide accessories to complement some products. These accessories, such as A frames and Pop Up Displays, are detailed on page 90.Printed indoor Posters and Banners


Double sided Lamination using 43 micron plastic film is standard on our 180gm Photorealistic Matt paper. This protects the surface and makes the print less vulnerable to scratching. Lamination is not offered on 195gm Photorealistic Gloss. This material has a surface effect in their own right which is completely masked by Lamination.



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