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Printed ID Cards

We offer both generic and personalised ID cards to suit your requirements.

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Printed ID Cards

Professional identification cards will boost your credibility and can be used for any number of different occasions, such as client meetings, conferences and PR events. We offer both generic and personalised ID cards to suit your requirements.

Our sophisticated ID card printing provides peace of mind for your business whilst keeping your brand’s image in mind.


ID Card Printing Specifications and Options

*Subject to availability


Stock:280gsm Silk Coated
400gsm UnCoated
450gsm Silk Coated

Print:Full Colour or Spot Colour
(Litho) on One or Both Sides

Size:55mm x 85mm


Available:Lithographic or Digital


• Matt Lamination
• Digital Embossing
• Die Cut to Shape
• Unlaminated
• Gloss Laminated

* Required

ID Card Print and Design

Our standard photo ID cards are printed digitally with staff photos, these are excellent for long term employees. Just l ike our Data Cards , we can add items such as sequential numbering, signature magnetic and scratch off strips, barcodes, pin numbers, serial numbers, QR codes and thermal names and numbers to these cards. Contact our design department to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively we can provide preprinted cards with self adhesive layers, allowing you to add passport size employee photos and customise the information by hand. The adhesive layer is then simply laid over the card, allowing you to seal the ID card straight away. These are ideal for places with a constant flow of personnel such as gyms and sports clubs.

ID Card Construction

Our fully printed ID cards come in three construction options, allowing you to choose the most practical for your business whilst keeping costs down.

First of all, we offer a card stock ID which is designed for short term uses such as event passes. These are a cost effective way of keeping venues secure for conferences or trade shows.

Our second option is created from a card core with a plastic lamination. These are much more substantial and are suitable for regular use.

If you’re looking for an even more durable ID Card, we have the plastic core cards. These are as firm and hardy as a standard credit card and are created with years of use in mind. Easily wipeable, they are perfect for construction personnel, nursery or even hospital staff, providing a hygienic ID, resistant to whatever life throws at it.

ID Card Sizes

Our ID cards measure 86mm x 54mm, which is the universal standard credit card size. They can then easily fit into wallets, purses, pockets and holders.

We can also create key fob ID cards to go alongside a full size card or stand alone. These are ideal for giving staff entry to buildings, where they will always have their keys on hand.

ID Card Print Finishes

Depending on the desired use, we can add drilled holes or slots to the cards for easy attachment to keys, clips or lanyards. We can also supply lanyards and ID badge holders as needed.

There are design requirements for some of the extra finishing techniques, such as embossed names or numbers. It’s best to speak to our design team to find out more and discuss your requirements.


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