Envelopes - Made Then Printed

  • Print must not extend closer than 10mm from any of the edges. Printing across different thicknesses (e.g. the flap) is not successful. Please see the schematic below.
  • If you are in any doubt about the practicalities of a design please contact us for advice.

Pricing Envelopes

Before using the pricing tables please establish the number of 100 Envelopes you require over 250. E.g. For a quantity of 686 the number of 100s over 250 is: 686 - 250 = 436 436 ÷ 100 = 4.36

Cost of Print

Use to determine the print cost. E.g. For 686 Envelopes printed in one colour the cost of printing is: £72.98 (for 250) + 4.36 x £1.89 (per 100) = £81.22

Plus Cost of Envelopes

Use to determine the cost of Envelopes. E.g. For 686 DL 90gm Plain White Envelopes the cost of the Envelopes is £12.54 (for 250) + 4.36 x £3.74 (per 100) = £28.85

Carriage Code

Use to determine the Carriage code. E.g. For 686 DL 90gm Plain White Envelopes the Carriage code is 0.08 (for 250) + 4.36 x 0.03 (per 100) = 0.21 Obtain your Carriage cost from the table in our carriage FAQ.

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