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Datacard Printing

Our sophisticated Datacard printing provides an incredibly versatile range of uses for whatever your business requires

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Whether you are looking for a business card with a difference, a short term information card or a durable membership card, one of our extensive range of full colour printed Datacards will fit the bill.

Our sophisticated Datacard printing provides an incredibly versatile range of uses for whatever your business requires. With scratch off strips, signature strips, magnetic strips, barcodes, pin numbers and serial numbers available, our Datacards can protect sensitive data with confidence.

Whether it be loyalty cards, gift cards, discount cards, WiFi passes, key fobs, membership cards, event badges, security passes, ID cards or even library cards, we’ve got it covered.


Data Card Printing Specifications and Options

*Subject to availability


Print:Full Colour or Spot Colour
(Litho) on One or Both Sides

Size:86mm x 54mm

Orientation:Portrait or Landscape

Available:Lithographic or Digital


• Gloss Lamination
• Matt Lamination
• Unlaminated
• Metallic inks
• Digital Embossing
• Drilled Holes
• Hot Foiling
• Spot Colours

* Required

Datacard Printing and Design

The design options for our data cards are extensive, allowing you to create exactly the card you have in mind, even with multiple purposes.

We can add signature, magnetic and scratch off strips, barcodes, pin numbers, serial numbers, QR codes, sequential numbering, thermal names and numbers.

There are some design considerations to the placement of these elements. Contact our design team today and they’ll happily walk you through the options.

We can of course supply our data cards without any variable data or additional finishing, for use as round cornered business cards

Datacard Construction

Our data cards come in three different constructions, to suit the needs of the application and also your budget.

Our thick card stock data cards offer an affordable way to print single or occasional use items such as WiFi passes and event badges.

We can also supply data cards built on a card core with rigid plastic lamination. This gives them an all over brilliant high gloss finish and added protection for regular use. As such, they’re ideal for loyalty and discount cards. The plastic lamination gives these cards a more substantial feel.

Finally we have our plastic core cards which provide excellent durability and are comparable to a credit card. These are designed to be used time and time again with minimal wear and tear.

Datacard Sizes

Our standard data cards measure 86mm x 54mm, making them the perfect size to fit into pockets, purses and wallets. That way, they’re always on hand no matter the purpose. We can then turn this card size into bespoke die cut shapes to create something truly unique.

We also offer a key fob printing service which creates small discrete data cards designed with easy access in mind. These are an excellent loyalty card solution and can be paired with a full sized data card to give your customers the option of either.

Datacard Print Finishes

  • Drilled holes or lanyard slots
  • Embossing of names and numbers for easy reading
  • Hot foiling
  • Metallic inks
  • Spot colours

Our data cards are supplied as is, but we also offer a full fulfillment service should you require more. We can add temporary stickers, attach them to leaflets or pack them in envelopes. We can even post them for you, whatever you need.


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